Our Advantages

  • Locate a person. Great for finding old friends and classmates
  • Use our searches to verify an address
  • Locate an inmate. We search forty state Department of Corrections
  • Search results are instant. Most reports take only 15 seconds!
  • Print your report or download it in PDF format

About Our Services

Our services do not require any special terminals or complicated software installations. Just a few clicks and your reports will be ordered, archived, and easy to access. And there are no upfront fees, monthly minimums or contracts to use our service. You only pay for the searches you order.

Welcome to People Scanner

Being able to access the right information is critical in today's world, but even more critical is having this information at your fingertips! At People Scanner, we are trusted by both individuals and businesses to be an industry leader in supplying the most accurate and up to date information, so you can make the most informed decisions. We pride ourselves in supplying the requested information and supplying it when you need it - now!

Please select from our services:

People Search

  • Instant results
  • Locate a person
  • Verify an address
  • Great for skip-tracing purposes
  • Only name and date of birth are required!
Inmate Search

  • Instant results
  • Location of inmate
  • Search nationally or by state
  • Status - Incarcerated, parole, or probation
  • Details of conviction
SSN Search

  • Instant results
  • Confirm a SSN
  • Locate a person
  • Verify a person's address
  • Only name and SSN are required!