Criminal Plus State Search

Our criminal plus state search is one of our most popular searches. We instantly search the criminal databases in the state you select. You results are returned in seconds. Each state search has a different list of databases from which the search report is formed. Please review the data sources for you chosen state.

Why Criminal Checks?

Let's face it - many people are not honest about their backgrounds. Being able to access information on a person is critical in today's world, but even more critical is having this information at your fingertips! Our instant criminal background super search will provide you with peace of mind in both your business and personal lives.

Criminal Plus State Search - $25.95

$25.95 - For our Criminal Plus Search, we run a Social Security search, which provides information on the Social Security number and compares it to the Master Death Index. In addition, all known names associated with the SSN are compiled. Then we run a criminal background search on each name (including maiden names and known aliases) from that compiled list.

Please review our list of databases searched in the state you have selected, by clicking the "View Criminal Data Sources" button below.

If you would like to search all of our available criminal databases, click the national tab below to order our National Criminal Search for $38.95.

Please do not use titles, prefixes, or suffixes (do not use Mr., Mrs., Ms., Jr., Sr., etc.). Do not use an initial or a middle name in first or last name field. Do not use apostrophes (enter O'Connor as OConnor), or accent marks or tildes (enter Ãngela Montano as Angela Montano).

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