Lifelock Protection

If you do become a victim of identity theft while enrolled in LifeLock's identity theft protection service, they will spend up to 1 million dollars to recover any financial loss, to restore your credit, and to clear your good name.

LifeLock promises that they will hire the best team of professional attorneys, accountants, and investigators to accomplish this. Unlike the other lower rated identity theft services which provide no assistance, leaving much of the work up to you, LifeLock actually cleans up the identity theft mess for you.

Alert System

The LifeLock fraud alert system works extremely well and is the most effective identity protection service, as it is proactive rather than reactive, stopping identity theft before it happens.

Can you handle an identity theft problem? If you have never had an identity theft problem, talk to someone who has and learn about the emotionally draining and costly task of restoring your credit and clearing your name.

Are you confident that you could handle the fallout, stress and anxiety? Personally, we would never want to find out. So we recommend LifeLock!

Identity Theft

If you are worried about the possibility of identity theft and wish to prevent identity theft before it happens, the answer has arrived: LifeLock

LifeLock currently protects over 1,000,000 customers against identity theft.

What sets LifeLock apart from the competition? Many companies claim to offer identity theft protection, but really are just credit monitoring services. LifeLock stops the problem before it happens. Here is how they do it:

LifeLock places fraud alerts in your credit file at all three major credit bureaus. When a potential lender or creditor searches your credit file, LifeLock goes into action. A creditor, who accesses a credit file flagged with a fraud alert, is required per the FACT Act passed by Congress, to confirm your identity before providing the credit.

If it is not you applying for credit under your credit file, the credit application will be turned down. In one quick step, identity fraud has been stopped.

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